5 Coffee Packaging Designs That We Absolutely Love

We enjoy looking at beautiful coffee packaging just as much as well-designed book covers (hint: that’s a great way to get our attention!) Great tasting coffee combined with good packaging design is something to behold. Here are five coffee packaging designs that we absolutely love.


AKA Coffee

Our offerings include a range of delicate and vibrant single origins along with a spectrum of blends that are meant to make you happy no matter how you take your coffee.

Biji Coffee

Biji Company is looking for the best coffee in Indonesia.

Lindfield Coffee Works

Lindfield Coffee Works started life down the other end of Lindfield high street in January 2015 as a small roastery supplying many wholesale customers in the local area.

Atomic Coffee

Since 1996, our family has focused on bringing the best in specialty coffee, cold brew, & more to Boston's North Shore. The Atomic Cafe's first shop opened on Cabot Street in Beverly, MA, fulfilling a dream (seriously, like one that comes when you're sleeping, not a daydream) that Andrew Mahoney had shared with his brother, John, a few years earlier.

Dripkit Coffee

Gabe Boscana, our head of coffee, works with from family-run farms and cooperatives all over the world to find the best coffees for you to drink! Green coffee (not roasted!) then travels to Brooklyn where we roast weekly in small batches and grind and package to order. This means that every cup you brew is fresh and will taste delicious.


Curious to discover and taste amazing coffee similar to those featured above? Head on over to our shop and check out one of our monthly or quarterly plans. We might be a bit biased, but we think Lit & Latte is the best way to discover new coffee (we give you enough to share, too!). Plus, what’s a better partner to a book than good coffee? I’ll wait…