10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Lit & Latte

There are tons of subscription boxes out there, with some being better than others. Here are a few reasons why you should consider subscribing to Lit & Latte:

  1. We feature a new coffee roaster each month. There’s a lot of coffee out there and we strive to bring you the best coffee from throughout the world.

  2. We value coffee companies that go the extra mile. We like to feature companies that really care about sustainability, the process of harvesting coffee, and have a deep respect for the final product.

  3. We promote inclusivity in literature. Our goal is to feature writers from all backgrounds, especially those who may not always get the recognition they deserve. We also like to feature books that show diversity in their characters and plots.

  4. All of our coffee is freshly roasted. The coffee we put in your box was likely roasted just before shipping. That’s just the nature of the coffee shops we work with; they value freshness and quality.

  5. We primarily choose newly released books. With so many books being released each month, it can be hard to keep up! Let us find some guaranteed classics and hidden gems for your reading pleasure.

  6. We work hard to get signed books and author's notes. New books featuring underrepresented authors are great, but we go the extra mile to get signed books and genuine author’s notes straight to your door.

  7. Our book selections will broaden your perspectives. Collectively, our team enjoys reading a lot of different book genres, and we think it’s a great thing to step out of your comfort zone and read something that you wouldn’t regularly read.

  8. We are small, agile, and responsive to the needs and wants of our community. Lit & Latte isn’t a rigid, static structure. We are fluid, dynamic, and have the ability to adjust and grow to meet the needs of our subscribers.

  9. You never know what extra goodies you'll find in your next box. You can be sure that you’ll find good books and delicious coffee in your box, but we do our best to find other goodies related to the theme of the month too.

  10. Who doesn't like books and coffee? They really are a match made in heaven.

Sound like a pretty good deal, huh? Visit here to see which subscription box best fits your lifestyle.