Frequently Asked Questions


What types of books are included?

In our boxes you’ll find a refreshing mix of popular & not-so-popular (but still good) books. We want to expose you to a variety of different voices and help you build an awesome book collection. We primarily feature adult contemporary fiction; but also young adult fiction, poetry, and occasionally non-fiction.

When will I get my box?

You should receive your box in the mail during the first week of the month.

Oh no, what if I already have one (or more) of the books in a box?

Even though we generally select books that are new (less than 45 days old), there is still a chance that you might have one or more of the books in our box. No need to fret, here are some awesome ideas of what to do with that extra book:

  1. Keep it! It’s always nice to have a brand new, untouched copy of a great book (especially hardcovers).

  2. Sell it! Since we generally choose newer books, there is normally a high demand for them.

  3. Gift it! Share it with your best-friend or family member, or wrap it up as a present. Bonus: If you refer a friend who subscribes you get a box for free.

  4. Host a giveaway! A social media giveaway is an effective and simple way to build a following and show some love to your bookish community.