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Lit & Latte
A Monthly Subscription Box

 A Subscription Box for Books & Coffee

curated to promote inclusivity


– How it Works –

Step 1

Subscribe to one of our monthly or quarterly boxes. We’ll ship until you tell us when!

Step 2

Patiently wait for your Lit & Latte box to arrive.

Step 3

Crack open your package and bask in the sweet aroma of books & coffee (and sometimes other goodies too)!


What’s in the Box?


All of our boxes are creatively curated to encourage you to think about important, pressing topics.

Monthly Subscriptions

  • Our Lite Reader box includes 1 book and 12 ounces of artisan whole bean coffee.

  • Our Bookworm box includes 2 books, 12 ounces of artisan whole bean coffee, and other goodies too!

Quarterly Subscription

  • Our Bibliophile box includes 3 books, 24 ounces of artisan whole bean coffee (two different kinds), and other goodies too!

Disclaimer: Between the books and coffee, you might be up all night…


Why Lit & Latte?


We’re blessed to have an extremely diverse team of hardworking people dedicated to providing you with the best subscription box experience. We work hard to provide you with cool & unique books and exceptional coffee (and tea too).

We celebrate inclusivity in every box and love to support small businesses. Hit us up if you’d like to be featured in a box!


Lit & Latte Tote Bag

Purchase this limited edition Lit & Latte tote bag while supplies last (doesn’t include books).


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